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About ABC, Africa Business Center S.A

"ABC, Africa Business Center S.A." is a limited company, established under Luxembourg law and active in the following areas:

As regards international trade, "ABC, Africa Business Center S.A." acts as a bridge between Africa and the rest of the world:

  • trading in ores, precious and decorative stones;
  • trading in foodstuffs, agricultural produce, horticultural produce and wine;
  • trading in household articles;
  • trading in material and equipment for printing works;
  • trading in office equipment and supplies;
  • trading in IT material and supplies;
  • the import/export of any product.
  • by helping the African companies to sell their products (minerals, precious stones, agricultural produce, etc...) and to acquire technology necessary for their development;
  • by encouraging and facilitating foreign investments in Africa;
  • by helping foreign companies which wish it to be established and/or to market their products in Africa.

"ABC, Africa Business Center S.A.", your link between Africa and the
rest of the world, awaits your business propositions.

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